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At each RU Meeting we record Third Talk. Feel free to listen; we hope the messages are a help and encouragement to you.

07-11-19 - Recovering Your Reputation

07-04-19 - The Pursuit of Happiness

06-27-19 - Fight Right

06-20-19 - Breaking Family Curses

06-13-19 - Guided by Integrity

06-06-19 - D-Day

05-30-19 - Seeking Satisfaction

05-23-19 - The Hazard of a Critical Spirit

05-17-19 - The Highway of the Upright

05-09-19 - Companions

05-02-19 - Preparing Our Hearts

04-25-19 - Sowing and Reaping

04/18/19 - Choosing Excellence

04/11/19 - Breaking the Cycle

04/04/19 - Staying on the Right Path

03/28/19 - An Apprenticeship in Prayer

03/21/19 - Peace in the Midst of the Storm

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03/14/19 - Our Source of Hope

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

03/07/19 - Responding to Adversity

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

02/28/19 - Anger: The Beast Within

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

02/21/19 - Changing Our Thinking

Audio File
PowerPoint - Coming Soon

02/14/19 - Learning to Love

Audio File
PowerPoint - Coming Soon

02/07/19 - The 4 R's of Reformers

Audio File
PowerPoint - Coming Soon

01/31/19 - Passions and Pursuits

Audio File
PowerPoint - Coming Soon

01-24-19 - Out With The Old,
 In with the New

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

01-17-19 - Rest for the Weary

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

01/10/19 - Dealing With Depression

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

01/03/19 - One Day at a Time

Audio File - Part 1  Part 2
PowerPoint - Coming Soon

12/27/18 - New Year's Resolution

PowerPoint - Coming Soon.

12/20/18 - Having A Joyful Christmas

PowerPoint - Coming Soon.

12/13/18 - The Snare of Self-Indulgence

PowerPoint - Coming Soon.

12/06/18 - The Shackles of Shame

PowerPoint - Coming Soon.

11/29/18 - In the Grip of Ingratitude

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

11/22/18 - The Chain of Pain

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

11/15/18 - Partners in Recovery

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

11/08/18 - Perspective vs Reality

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

11/01/18 - A Sure Foundation

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

10/25/18 - The Help We Need

PowerPoint - Coming Soon

10/18/18 - Two Transforming Truths

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10/11/18 - Something's Missing

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RU RECOVERY - YouTube Channel

Click the above link to access dozens of videos about the RU Program

Helpful Links:

Below are links to various articles regarding Addictions, the value of Faith Based Recovery Programs and the RU Recovery Program itself: 

12 Indications of an Addiction: 

3 Reasons People Turn to Substance Abuse and Addiction: 

Can Addiction be Cured? 

How to Help your Addicted Loved 

Do Faith Based Addictions Recovery Programs Work? 

What is RU? 

What we believe about addictions and the Faith-based Recovery Approach to Addiction: 

Recommended Reading

In addition to many of the other books listed on this website, we also recommend the following as helpful resources for you as you seek to walk in freedom and victory. All are available for purchase from our local chapter, or as e-books. 

Tall Law

By Steve Curington

This book covers in detail the foundational truths of Biblical behaviour modification, through which one can escape a redundant life of failure and frustration for an abundant life of freedom and victory.

#Struggles: Life Isn't 'Do It Yourself'

By Paul Kingsbury

In this book, the author, gives encouragement from the Scriptures to encourage you, the reader, to a place of confident faith in the Son of God as the one who will assist you in life’s struggles. 

Victim or Victorious? - Volume One

By Wendy Burks

Within these pages, the author highlights the lives of seven different women who endured great hardships, and learned to be victors rather than victims of their circumstances.

Victim or Victorious? -Volume Two

By Wendy Burks

In this second volume, the author gives biolgraphical sketches of seven more women who learned to overcome their circumstances rather than be overwhelmed by them.

The Awesome Power of Prayer and Fasting

By Dr. George Crabb

In this book, the author thoroughly explains the physical and spiritual benefits of fasting from a medical and Biblical viewpoint.

Self Destruct

By Cisco Cervantes

Do you ever find yourself trapped in a cycle of success and failure that only brings frustration? This book will teach you how to recognize, root out, and replace self-defeating behavior. 
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