Addictions Recovery

At various times in our lives, and for various reasons, all of us can develop bad habits and fall into addictive, self-destructive behaviours. What we once thought we had under control soon begins to control us and adversely effect our physical and mental Health, our relationships and our job performance. We have more than ample motivation to quit, yet we find often ourselves lacking in the wisdom, strength and willpower to break free. It is in these moments that we need to look outside of ourselves, and have the courage to seek the help we need. 

At RU Recovery, we want to provide you with help, support and encouragement.

We recognize the struggle you are facing and the shame that you feel, as many of us have experienced that struggle and shame as well. We offer you a safe place you can come each week where you can share you struggles, be encouraged and learn how you can find lasting freedom from your self-destructive habit. 

Regardless of whatever bad habit you may be struggling with, you will be entering a judgment free, shame free zone. We recognize that there are often many underlying causes that have led you to developing this bad habit, and we want to help you uncover those, and find healthier ways to deal with those issues so that your addiction loses power over your life. 

In its more than 20 year history, 80% of those who have completed the RU program have found recovery without relapse, and we want you to experience the same victory many others have. We encourage you to join us at 7:00 pm this coming Thursday night at 419-5th Avenue West Kindersley. We look forward to meeting you, and would love to have just a small part in helping you find the freedom and victory you seek.

The following helpful resources are available for purchase from our local chapter, or as e-book downloads from

Nevertheless I Live

By Steve Curington

This immensely popular book is the textbook for the RU Recovery Program. Use this primary resource for educating yourself and others about the RU methods for Living Freely in a Bound World.

Topical Addiction Recovery Booklets

By Steve Curington And Dr. George Crabb

Each booklet in this series provides information on the damaging effects of various addictions, and how to find lasting freedom from them. Topics include Alcohol, Acid, Cocaine, Cutting, Eating, Gambling, Heroin, Huffing, Meth, Presciption Drugs, Porn, Steroids, Tobacco, Uppers and Weed.   

Just Say Know

By Dr. George Crabb

Whether you battle with drugs, nicotine, alcohol, pornography, gambling, or any other habitual sin, God’s answer is to “Just Say Know.” You may learn all the facts about addiction that society could ever teach, but this fact remains: it’s not what you know, it’s Who you know. In this book, we are reminded that Jesus said, “and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”.

Recovery without Relapse

By Dr. George Crabb and Benjamin Burks

 In this book, the authors explain how to experience true recovery by recognizing and dealing with triggers - emotions or occurrences that start a cycle of addictive behavior. As well, the authors explain the foundation of lifelong recovery along with the steps one must take in their life to achieve it.

Journey to Freedom

By Steve Curington

Journey to Freedom contains four resources that are foundational to Reformers Unanimous Recovery Ministries. Within these pages, you will see not only how the Reformers Unanimous Ministry began, but also discover the steps that are necessary on your journey to freedom.

Faces of Recovery

Behind every face is a story…and behind the faces in this book are stories of victory! This book is filled with dozens of testimonies from people whose lives have been impacted for Christ through the ministry of RU.  Read these pages to see the miraculous, transforming power of Jesus Christ!
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