Partner With Us In Recovery

You may not be struggling with an addiction yourself, but your life may be touched by someone who is – a family member, a friend, a coworker. You see the self destructive path they are on and you want to do something to help them, but your efforts to do so thus far seem to be either ineffectual or counterproductive. Nevertheless, with the close relationship you have with that individual, you may be the one best positioned to give them the help they desperately need. We at RU Recovery want to help you help them so we encourage you to come join us and become a Partner in Recovery.
There are many ways you can become a Partner in Recovery:

Since it is often a struggle for an addicted person to recognize and reach out for the help they need, encouraging that individual to attend our regular Thursday night meetings, and offering to accompany them can be the boost they need to get on the path to freedom and recovery.

  1. As a friend or family member, we encourage you to attend our meeting and get connected with us so that not only can you learn how to help your addicted loved one, but you can find your own healing from the hurt that loved one may have caused you in the past. 
  2.  As a health care professional, we would value connecting with you so that we can get those struggling with addictions plugged into as many positive resources and relationships as possible, so that their physical, mental emotional and spiritual health needs can all be met. 
  3. An an employer, we would love to partner with you in helping the functioning addict in your workplace break free from their addiction, through our RU Plus Program; 
  4. As a donor, all funds earmarked for the RU Recovery Program will be invested in providing greater assistance to those struggling with addictions.

Top Five Survival Tips For Helping An Addicted Person:

  1. Be honest about the addiction - Don't deny the reality and seriousness of the situation.
  2. Learn the difference between “helping” and “enabling" – there is a help that actually hurts. 
  3. Don't give in to manipulation – The more you allow, the more manipulative the addict is likely to become. 
  4. Take care of yourself - Find a support group that will help you. 
  5. Don't wait until the situation gets worse – Find help NOW! 
Get involved and get educated. Start making a difference today!

Co-Dependency: The Help That Hurts

By Benjamin Burks and Dr. George Crabb

Codependency is a behavior wherein one individual is addicted to another individual. This can occur in several different ways; and often, those who participate are completely unaware of its crippling hold. Regardless of how prevalent codependent behavior may be in our society, there is a way to live in a healthy relationship with others.

Seasons of Addiction: Why Addicts Do What They Do and How to Reach Them With The Truth

By Ryan Jiles and Benjamin Burks

In this book, Ryan Jiles examines the various seasons of addiction, while Benjamin Burks shares practical wisdom on how to biblically minister to them during each particular season of addiction.

Mercy & Truth

By Dr. Paul Kingsbury

In this book, the author teaches this truth: absent of utilizing God's loving mercy, we will become hardened and un-compassionate toward the fallen. Likewise, without truth, we will be ineffective in transitioning people from positions of instability to standing firm. Favoring one over the other is a false balance. By embracing this balance of mercy plus truth, we will be empowered to overlook transgressions while simultaneously expressing what is strongly held to be right to the transgressor.

Such Were Some of You

By Dr. Paul Kingsbury

Dr. Kingsbury, co-founder of RU Recovery Ministries, gives a specific set of reasons found in Scripture that made the local church at Corinth effective in reaching people with addictive behaviors and, if put into practice, can make you effective as well.

Rescue and Recover

By Dr. Paul Kingsbury

This book is an exposition of II Timothy 2:24-26, which explains the roles that God, the rescuer, and those that need rescued have in overcoming the snares of the devil.

Radical Restoration

By Dr. Paul Kingsbury

The word “restore” is literally a medical term describing the proper setting of a broken bone in order that mending may take place, returning the injured person to a place of optimum health. When God’s people “fall” into sin, their injuries require spiritual orthopedic assistance, and God calls upon the mature Christians in every church to a ministry of restoration.

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