Mental Health Recovery

When we become wounded physically, we naturally recognize the wisdom and necessity of immediately seeking proper medical treatment and rehabilitation to ensure that we can experience complete healing and recovery. When it comes to dealing with emotional and mental wounds, however, we are often unsure of where to turn to find the healing and recovery we need.

With the RU Recovery Program, we recognize that we all struggle to process experiences of grief, loss, stress, trauma, abuse, rejection or betrayal.

Not knowing how to deal with the pain we experience, our mental and emotional health can suffer, and as we seek out various methods to numb or cope with the pain our struggles get worse, not better.

Thus as much as we are able, we want to help you get connected with all the resources you may need, so that you may not only experience true emotional healing and recovery, but learn skills to maintain your own mental health and wellness:
  • As director, I have been trained in Mental Health First Aid, and while neither a counselor nor a psychologist, I can help you get connected with the various mental health resources available in our community and online;
  • As a chapter, we provide a support group for you as you try to work through the struggles you may have;
  • The RU recovery program itself has various resources that are invaluable in promoting good mental health, some of which are listed below;
  •  Ultimately, we want to help you develop a dynamic, personal relationship with the God who heals the brokenhearted.

Let Us Be A Help To You

If we can be of any help to you, please contact me at 306-460-4688, or join us 7:00 pm this coming Thursday evening at 419 5th Avenue West, Kindersley.

Scott Holloway Director, RU Recovery Kindersley Chapter

The past few years, Redemption Baptist Church has hosted several seminars dealing with some of the many mental and emotional health issues we all can struggle with. Those seminars have been recorded and can be accessed here.

The following resources give much helpful information in promoting good mental health, and can either be purchased through our local chapter or downloaded as e-books from

Depression: A Hole With No Hope

By Dr. George Crabb

This book explains the causes and effects of depression in our body, soul and spirit, and provides both medical and scriptural principles for those struggling with depression to find hope and experience recovery.

Finding Balance In Life

By Dr. George Crabb

In dealing with the stresses of life, it is easy for us to get out of balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In this book, Dr. Crabb lays out the causes of our lack of balance, and provides wisdom as to how balance can be regained.

Finding Security In An Insecure World

By Wendy Burks

Have you ever felt like your life has been turned upside down or out of control? Do you spend time wondering what will happen in your future? Are you concerned with where our world is headed? Do these fears and anxieties often consume your thoughts? You are not alone!
In this book, author Wendy Burks draws lessons from the pages of the Old Testament book of Esther, through which we can learn to find freedom from doubt, confusion, fear and the crippling effects of insecurity.

Anger: A Misunderstood Emotion

By Dr. George Crabb

Do we have a right to be angry, or do we have the right to act out with the sense of rage? Anger can be a master motivator or a devastating destroyer. It affects us as individuals, in our relationships, and in the circumstances that surround us. In this insightful book, Dr. George Crabb details why people get angry,how they demonstrate anger in their daily life and steps to take to liberate yourself from your anger.

Bitterness: A Place of No Grace

By Paul Kingsbury

This insightful resource gives an in-depth analysis of bitterness: the causes, the effects, and the treatment of this catastrophic condition.

Shame Meets Grace

By Johnny Wildt and Benjamin Burks

Shame is often from a deep cut inside of us that drives us to hide. We “feed” it by dwelling on perceptions and lies…which are straight from the devil, the accuser and deceiver! Instead, we need to “feed” our souls with truth from God’s Word. Our spiritual food choices (that on what we choose to meditate) alter our inner peace and determine whether our shame will drive us farther away from God as we try to hide the pain or closer to Him so He can cover it with His grace. It is our prayer that your shame will meet His grace… today.
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