Is RU For Me?

YES!! RU Recovery is for: 
  • the functioning as well as the non-functioning addict; 
  • finding help, not only with substance abuse (legal and illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco) but with any destructive habit, including gambling, eating disorders, porn and self-harm; 
  • not only the addict, but also those seeking to help one who is addicted; -those struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, grief and PTSD; 
  • people of any faith or no faith at all; 
  • anyone seeking to recover from past mistakes; 
  • anyone seeking to develop healthy coping skills for facing the challenges of life. 
  • anyone who wants to not merely survive life, but instead to live an abundant, fruitful, victorious life. 

 As the director, I can personally attest to the help the program has already been to my family and I, and I am certain it will help you. Come, and discover for yourself what true freedom means!
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